Artist – Nina Thoroughgood

Nina is a 6 year-old artist who has been painting large and small-scale artworks since age 18 months. As the daughter of creatives (and owners of The Good Studio) she has been lucky enough to have been given opportunity and experience from a very early age. Her paintings show the possibilities and potential for art introduced and encouraged in very young children and an art practice as part of daily life.

All Nina’s artworks are 100% her work. She is headstrong and focussed in her decision-making, she chooses and mixes her colours and paints in her own uninhibited, expressive style.

Nina will be exhibiting at the 2019 Manapouri Art Group Exhibition in October. Her cards, prints and original paintings are for sale at The Good Studio. Gifts and homeware featuring Nina’s paintings are available in her Redbubble shop.

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