Project Description

Artist – Gary Brooks

I have been painting and exhibiting my paintings at galleries around NZ since around 1998. In around July 2015y my creativity took a new direction and I started experimenting with concrete:
“Working with concrete is a lot different than painting in that you are relying just on your hands to create something and not a paint brush”.
After much experimenting and failures the ‘orb’ evolved to what it is today.
Although I do more than just orbs, this has become my signature piece and I am fast becoming known as the concrete orb guy. My orbs now feature in galleries and retail stores around NZ. People seeing them for the first time are always surprised by the glow they create and always think there is actually a light in them:
“Each orb is like a child really. Each one is made from the same material but in the end each one is unique and has its own personality”.
The highlight so far was having a sellout exhibition at Creative Arts Napier in September last year.
My aim is making art accessible to everyone and having an orb in as many households in New Zealand as I can. Many people describe the orbs as a bowl of happiness so if that is true, hopefully I can bring a small bit of happiness into peoples homes.
Each orb is individual and made from scratch. I mix every batch of concrete by hand, so no mechanics used in any part of the process. Once the orbs have been left to dry for a couple of days, it is then ready for the work on the inside.
First I start with a primer, followed by an undercoat. Next is the gold leaf size that I apply, after a bit of time it is ready for the goldleaf, or whatever other colour is required.
Then each orb is covered in a layer of lacquer and I touch up the edges with a concrete coloured paint. Only then is it ready for a new home.